The first rule of time is that an hour you spend is an hour you can never get back.

The work reflects the relationships between man, nature and technology. The ever-accelerating development of technology creates the feeling that life is pulsating faster and time is accelerating. The real-time nature of everything, streaming entertainment and services open 24/7 create the illusion of accessibility, endless freedom, but simultaneously requirement for constant efficiency. This is how man becomes a shackled part of the accelerating production machinery

According to Schuman Resonance all matter has a frequency or an electro magnetic pulse. in the 1950’s, when this resonance was first measured  the earth’s frequency was 7.8 hertz. Recently it has been recorded at 12 hertz. Therefore a 24 hour day now feels as if it’s 16 hours. Time is The Currency of the Future

Video is a collage of collective memebers 10 sec long videoclips and selfhelp books guidelines of life management.

The Second Rule of Time is that Time is Indispensable.